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Richmond Battlefields Association Mission

The Richmond Battlefields Association (RBA) has pledged to protect the historical integrity of the battlefields near Richmond, Virginia, by preserving them from destruction. The RBA hopes to achieve this goal by promoting historical preservation in general, and by educating the public about the tremendous importance of these Richmond battlefields. We believe these places, this hallowed ground, teach unique and priceless lessons.

I've spent my entire life studying America's battlefields, and I believe strongly in the importance of preserving them. There are many outstanding, nationally significant Civil War battlefields around Richmond, and they merit greater attention than they have received. Local organizations like the Richmond Battlefields Association are critical players in the fight that we must win to save historic ground. I'm proud to be affiliated with the RBA in an advisory role.
- Ed Bearrs

Richmond stood at the epicenter of the American Civil War, and its hallowed ground is fast disappearing. Once gone, the fields where the Blue and the Gray shed their blood can never be restored. Due in significant part to the Richmond Battlefields Association's persistent efforts, several priceless relics of our nation's heritage have been preserved. RBA is the premier organization in the Richmond area dedicated to preserving these irreplaceable monuments to our past. I encourage everyone who shares my desire to see our nation's history passed on to future generations to give generously in its support.
- Gordon Rhea

There are no more important, threatened battlefields in this country worth our determined efforts to save them than the battlefields in the Richmond area.
- Brian Pohanka

A Lasting Legacy

The Civil War community lost one of its most prominent voices in 2005, Brian Pohanka. An historian, re-enactor, preservationist, and advisor to such films as Gods and Generals and Cold Mountain, Brian was also a charter member of the Richmond Battlefields Association and served on its Board of Directors.

Brian left a substantial bequest to three battlefield preservation groups, including the RBA. His gift has been a powerful tool that the RBA has used aggressively to leverage matching funds at Glendale, Cold Harbor, Fussell's Mill, and Gaines' Mill. Brian Pohanka's bequest has created a permanent legacy that honors not only the countless men who fought and sacrificed on these bloody fields, but also a friend and comrade from the modern-day battle to preserve that hallowed ground.

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The late Edwin C. Bearss, National Park Service Historian Emeritus, was a world-renowned authority on the Civil War. During his career, Ed launched major battlefield preservation initiatives and was devoted to saving America's Civil War battlefields.


Gordon C. Rhea is a nationally acclaimed author and historian. He is the foremost authority on the Overland Campaign and has a long standing commitment to historic preservation.


Brian C. Pohanka, was a well-known author, historian, and ardent preservationist. A charter board member of RBA, Brian left an indelible legacy of dedication and financial commitment to battlefield preservation.