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Richmond, Virginia is a rapidly growing urban area but until recently most development pressure has been focused away from Civil War battlefield sites. Now these historic areas comprise some of the last large tracts of undeveloped land in the capital region. Real estate developers are competing for these last vestiges of open space in suburban Ruichmond.

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Please join the RBA today, and help save America's endangered Civil War battlefields while there is still time. Your donations will be devoted to buying the land that soldiers fought and died on. Get in the fight now and prevent the destruction of America's heritage.

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Richmond Area Battle Summaries

Civil War Sites Advisory Commission (CWSAC)
The CWSAC Report was completed in 1993 by a 15-member Commission established by Congress to identify the most historically significant Civil War sites. Out of the nearly 10,000 battles and skirmishes of the war the report identified 384 principle battlefields worthy of preservation. Of the 122 Virginia battlefields listed in the report, 31 are in the Richmond area:

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Above: In Henrico County, the battlefield at Yellow Tavern was lost to development in the 1980's.


The site of JEB Stuart's mortal wounding lies 800 yards east along the Old Telegraph Road.

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Relentless suburban pressure threatens to replace America's hallowed ground with housing developments bearing only the names of Civil War battlefields.

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A sign of the times in Chesterfield County's Bermuda Hundred district.

fair oaks

The Seven Pines & Fair Oaks battlefields were lost to development long ago. Shown here is the site of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston's wounding along Nine Mile Road in Henrico County.